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Juanita Coley In Texas - The CEO Plan - Keynote (Clip)

Juanita Coley In Texas - The CEO Plan - Keynote (Clip)

I had the privilege and honor of speaking to a room full of ex👏🏽tra👏🏽or👏🏽din👏🏽ary women! I went to Frisco, TX to deliver a message of triumph, inspiration, and hope and left with sisters! A very special thank you to Kelli E. Ballou-McMillan of Five9/founder of Xposure Inclusion & Diversity Council and Heather Lindeman Shelby of Intelisys for hosting such an amazing event. I started by talking to the ladies about how companies all around the world are responding to the pandemic, asking themselves “How do we create better Customer Experiences?” We talked through how #ccaas (Contact Center as a Service) is predicted to increase by over 15% making it a 30+ Billion-dollar industry by 2028, with some predicting as soon as 2025. This is HUGE for the Industry and even huger (yes, I said huger…you know I like to make up words lol) for Women in Tech. Women in Tech is NOW, and we are uniquely positioned to help companies with their #dei (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives BUT we must have a plan! A plan that only CEOs can execute. Now I know you’re thinking this girl is crazy! The CEO alone can’t be responsible for pushing Women in Tech….and you’re absolute RIGHT! Being a CEO is more of a mindset, one that we each can take part in. Yesterday I spoke to these dynamic ladies about how we EACH have to do our C.E.O. part. · We must Create Opportunities and we do this through staying curious, identifying problems, and being the solution. · We must Equip Ourselves & Others by educating ourselves, socializing the message of Women in Tech, Self-care, and so many other ways we equip ourselves and others. · We must take extreme Ownership of our purpose and destiny. We can’t wait for anyone else WE must do it and do it NOW! You see, having a C.E.O. plan is more than being a Chief Executive Officer. It’s about creating a space where others can flourish and thrive while taking extreme ownership and doing our own individual part. So, as I end this reflection my question to you is... “How are you implementing your CEO plan?” I can’t even think about ending this reflection without thanking Laura Mackey for coming to support me and all the sponsors that made this event possible. Five9, Zoom, Observe.AI, 8x8 @DigitalRealty, RingCentral, Spectrum, Genesys, Edify & Prodoscore ~ #WFMGirl #womenintech #callcenter Solid Rock Consulting
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