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ROAD TO THE CROWN is a film based on the life of Juanita Coley. This is a true story documenting her 20 year journey from Teen Mom to Tech Queen.

Directed & Edited by Eliseo Way.


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“Ground Up: Navigating a Non Traditional Tech Career” is my 2nd book and it’s a tell all of:

1. How a career in tech chose me.
2. How I navigated a male dominated industry.
3. What I learned along the way!

I didn’t just arrive here; I made mistakes, cried, spent LOTS of money, cried some more, built a team, and showed up everyday!

Do you want to be inspired?
Do you want to know how I did this and continue to do it?
Do you want to know how you can do it too?

Order your copy TODAY!

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Who is Juanita Coley?


Juanita started her journey in WFM back in 2006 as a contact center agent who found a user manual for the Blue Pumpkin WFM system that the center was using. When she asked her manager if they minded her reading and learning about the system, they unexcitingly said “if you really want, go head.” Just like that, Juanita fell in love with the WFM discipline and was down the road to a new passion.


Over the next 14+ years, Juanita Coley "Ms. Corporate America"  has become a “Zen Master” of all things Workforce Management. She has utilized her talents and brought new efficiencies and optimizations to household brand companies like United HealthCare, Optum, Walgreens, Liberty Medical, and many more. 

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