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Help Me Take My "Women In Tech is NOW!" Message to the WORLD!
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Why Sponsor?

Ask a child anywhere around the world what they want to be when they grow up and they will tell you: Doctor, Lawyer, NFL player, Artist, and the list goes on. However, on that never-ending list will never appear a corporate job like, System Engineer, Tech Trainer, Call Center Director, Operations VP, Quality Director, etc.




Because we lack visibility! We aren't showing up and when we do it looks terribly painful!


I'm on a mission to change that. As a teen mom (15 to be exact) I know first hand how technology changed the trajectory of my LIFE! My mission with Mrs. Corporate America is to drive visibility which in return will allow me to  employ my “The C.E.O Plan” to "Create Opportunities," "Equip Others," and take "Extreme Ownership" to get more women involved in technology and leadership roles.

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